Personal Care

Personal care services are generally those that involve “hands-on” services. It is important to note that they include everything that companion care services entail, plus all of the following services. Again, not every care recipient will need the entire list of services. It is nevertheless important that you note that they are available for your asking. Here is the complete list of personal care services:

  • All companion care services: The CUSTODIAN CARE personal care attendant will perform all of the separately listed companion care services.
  • Personal hygiene: This includes washing, showering, bathing, managing incontinence where applicable, oral hygiene, skin and nail care and, generally ensuring that the care recipient feels clean and refreshed at all times.
  • Grooming and dressing: The CUSTODIAN CARE personal care caregiver will attend to all aspects of grooming, and will ensure that the care recipient has on appropriate clothing at all times.
  • Ambulating and exercise: Our caregivers assist with ambulating, including possible transfers from bed to wheelchair to commode, etc. (where applicable). They will also assist with prescribed exercises and other aspects of rehabilitation.
  • Linking with the medical team: CUSTODIAN CARE personal care attendants perform as the eyes and ears of the rest of the family and medical team members such as visiting nurses, therapists and doctors. As such, they are ideally placed to report on changes in the care recipient’s condition.
  • Other reasonable requests: Our personal care caregivers will be happy to assist with other services as long as these are of a reasonable nature and do not contradict the prescribed activities of the rest of the medical team.