In Home Care


In Home Care

In-home Care helps to Keep You Safe, Cozy and Comfortable in Your Home

Leading a busy lifestyle and being bogged down with overwhelming day-to-day priorities means you often don’t have the time to enjoy the comfort and luxury of your own home. By relying on an in-home care professional, everything is right where you want it to be when you return home from a grueling day at work. You don’t have to worry about the laundry. Your favorite channel is already switched on and that pepper steak you were craving yesterday is already on the dinner table!

Custodian Care believes in providing quality care in order to make you feel 100% safe and comfortable in your home. We go to great lengths to provide care that seamlessly resonates with your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Each and every one of our customers has unique lifestyle demands, and we understand how important it is to cater to those demands, so they can focus on other important areas of life.

With our in-home care services, you are always in control as you get the care and support when and where you want it. Our team of healthcare professionals is highly trained in assessing the needs of each family and will tailor their services to meet all your specific requirements. Some of the services we offer to better accommodate you in your own home are:

  • Preparing your favorite meals and helping out in the kitchen however possible
  • Daily laundry and housework, including cleaning and taking out the trash
  • Taking care of the daily shopping list
  • Buying or returning medicine from pharmacies; administering daily doses as required
  • Providing care on personal hygiene and well being
  • Any support deemed necessary with social activities – going to a club or the church, visiting friends and family etc.

Take the entire burden off your shoulders as well as your family’s. Having a professional in-home caretaker around your home, especially in your absence can really change how you look at after work activities and priorities. Call us today at 0809-991-2213 to see how we can help you get more out of your lifestyle.