Custodian Care Services Integrity, Experience, Resourcefulness Companionship and Home Services Of all the non-medical services that an in-home elder care agency offers, perhaps none is more precious to our seniors than the friendly face and easy-going support that a CUSTODIAN CARE caregiver provides. She is there to hold hands, provide a comforting word, hold a conversation, keep curiosity alive, and lift the spirit.

Most significantly, listening with a smile and providing an authentic care is all that matters, our companions are there to listen and provide the assistance that their care recipients need for their physical and mental wellbeing.   CUSTODIAN CARE caregivers are trained to respect their care recipients’ confidentiality, their belongings, and the integrity of their home.  Companion Care Services  We choose a companion for you based on what you tell us in terms of your needs, likes and dislikes. Based on your wishes and the briefing you give us, we select for your loved one a companion who is trained to assist with all of the following functions:

  • Light Housekeeping: Keeping your home clean and fresh is our uppermost duty
  • Meal preparing: This is one responsibility that most clients like to assign to our caregivers. It includes planning meals and final preparation of prescribed diets, hearty meals or soups, salads and sandwiches
  • Medication reminders: This includes ensuring that you always have sufficient medications on hand, filling prescriptions, and reminding our care recipients to take them in timely fashion.
  • Running errands and transportation: Tasks and chores around the house, as well as running errands to a nearby supermarket and pharmacies, our caregivers regard this as part and parcel of their duties. In addition, the caregiver will escort the client to doctors and places of enjoyment.
  • Undertaking joint activities: Doing things with our care recipients is again part of the companionship services that we provide. These can include watching TV, playing card or board games, reading, and going out to the park, the mall, restaurants, and wherever our clients want to go.
  • Maintaining health-oriented routines: Exercising, going out on walks, eating nutritious food and getting plenty of sleep, our companions endeavour to maintain healthy daily and weekly routines for both their care recipients and for themselves.
  • Other reasonable requests: As long as the care recipient’s requests are of a reasonable nature, you will find that our companions will go the extra mile to be of valuable service to their care recipients.