About Us

Our company was founded on an emotional discovery of the essence of adult care. It all began 3 years ago when our founders, who are seasoned caregivers, acted upon their burning passion to provide a unique and holistic custodial care experience to Nigerians by registering a cutting-edge caregiving company for that sole purpose.


Located in the heart of Lagos- in the residential area of Ilupeju, Custodian Care is much more than a leader in providing information, support and care for families looking for custodial care; we are driven by a fire to give our clients an intimate, family-oriented and homely encounter through our wide range of top-notch eldercare services such as in-home care and Activity Center.


Our job stems from pure love and the true art of caregiving which is why our team of highly professional, well-mannered and amiable caretakers stands out in the industry. We hire individuals who embody a combination of competent skills in non-medical aid (such as assisting clients with eating, bathing, dressing and bathroom and toilet duties) as well as basic knowledge in medical aid.


At Custodian Care, we strive for the best in services which is why we don’t stop at hiring the most experienced caregivers in the field but also ensure they undergo rigorous training in order for them to have our vision and mission ingrained in their core.


One of our exceptional offerings is our Adult care center which offers a warm, personal environment to the elderly, so as to enhance the quality of living out their golden years. In a quest to create an
institution focused on giving quality care to the ones who nurtured us, in a country where nothing of such has been set up before, our founders set out with one aim in mind: Providing an abode away from home for the aged and ailing who need care.


Not only are we tested, trusted and beloved, we also stand firmly on integrity as one of the core values which is why our risk reversal policy gives our clients 7 DAYS to put our services to the test.